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Introduction of SAP DocumentViewer for Qlik, by Stretch Qonnect

SAP DocumentViewer for Qlik, by Stretch Qonnect

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to see the original invoices or other documents inside your Qlik app while analyzing and drilling down in your data?

Read Jesper Skou´s introduction about one of our products.

The DocumentViewer for Qlik, by Stretch Qonnect is a windows service that enables communication between Qlik Sense and your SAP source system and returns the related document in your browser. This means there is no need for installation of a Qlik extension or add-on and it also means that it’s fully compatible with all Qlik Sense environments.

The reason why Stretch Qonnect developed a document viewer is as always based on our customer’s requests for making it easier for the end-user to access documents stored inside SAP directly in their Qlik application. This will help the end-user to avoid switching between systems. In that way, it makes it easier for a regular SAP user to follow up. We bring the data to the customer.

With the SAP DocumentViewer for Qlik, by Stretch Qonnect, we simplify your access to documents stored in SAP, with easy access from Qlik Sense, going from multiple clicks in SAP to one click access in Qlik Sense applications. DocumentViewer keeps documents in SAP, but makes them available in your application, so no replication is needed.

A DocumentViewer for Qlik, by Stretch Qonnect is a way to enable end-users to see all documents from SAP directly in the Qlik Sense application. With our DocumentViewer, documents like vouchers, invoices and pictures are displayed on the screen live in the Qlik Sense application.

For one of our customers, Stretch Qonnect, developed a financial follow-up application in Qlik Sense. The application helps users to follow up on spending vs. budget. to investigate further on detailed transactions, they needed to verify against the actual invoices and that’s where the SAP document viewer comes to its right. The users no longer need to be in both Qlik Sense and SAP but can directly in Qlik Sense see the related invoice.

Additional benefits the customer get is that they now in management team have an easier way for getting multiple links to a range of documents on a department.

– Jesper