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Qlik AutoML – The Power of Machine Learning

With traditional analytics, you would look at historical data and try to understand what is happening in order to try to predict what future outcomes might look like. A time-consuming process.

With Qlik AutoML you follow the same logic but let AutoML analyze the historical data, find patterns in the data and then create models, forecasts and test different business scenarios. Instead of guessing, you get a more concrete way to make decisions. The AutoML engine both provides forecasts and leaves notes explaining how the result was predicted. You can therefore see what is likely to happen, and more importantly, why. With these insights into possible outcomes, you can quickly decide how best to take action.

Automated machine learning is a powerful feature that empowers businesses and is a competitive advantage. With a simple and effective approach, with the help of Qlik AutoML you can start right now, completely code-free, to strategically optimize your business for direct results.

Regardless of your industry, we at Stretch Qonnect with Qlik AutoML can help you get started to improve every part of your business – today and tomorrow.